Monday, February 21, 2011

Children's Book Review: The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff

“The Thing about Georgie” By Lisa Graff is a book about a fourth grade boy who struggles with being different.  He is a dwarf and at 42 inches is about as tall as he will ever get.  He deals with fights with his best friend, jealousy, a class bully, a crush on a pretty girl, and his parents having a new baby. 
The book evolves along with Georgie's understanding of the world and the people in it.  It starts out telling us the things Georgie can’t do because he is a dwarf.  Each person is labeled based on their surface looks or personality.  Then we begin to learn the things Georgie can do that others can do.  This is when Georgie begins to realize that we are all the same in many ways which joins us as human beings.  In the end we find out what Georgie can do that most people can't.  This is the final stage when Georgie realizes that although we are the same in many ways our differences are what make us special and unique.  Each and every one of us is exceptional. 
I would highly recommend this book.  It was an easy read and I found myself tearing up at the end.  Kid-friendly information about dwarfism is provided.  Information and understanding on a particular subject promotes acceptance and understanding.  Since my son has a child in his class with dwarfism I felt this was a book that could educate kids without preaching to them.  It contains important lessons for children about acceptance and not judging other by their cover.  This is a great message for children.

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