Monday, November 7, 2011

Simply Red by The Limited

Red is the color of the holidays!  From the fall hues of Thanksgiving to the red and green of Christmas to striking red on New Year's Eve, red is perfect for any function this season.  With red, the key is to just let a little say a lot. Here are some great looks from The Limited:

Satin Peek Knit Tee
I love this shirt because of the way it falls.  It helps to define your waist yet is forgiving of any imperfections.  It is sophisticated yet comfortable and I think the look of effortless elegance is what we're all going for when we dress up a little.

This shirt can be paired with:

Bias-cut Pencil Skirt
The next look is a flattering plaid that is side zipped and lined.  It's easy to vary how casual or dressy this skirt looks based on what you match it with.  I've offered several different shirts below so you can determine what fits your style best.

This skirt can be paired with any any of these:

Here are some red accessories that can brighten up any look!

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